About Us

Microclean Tech Rubber (M) Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated in April, 2003 to produce high quality latex-dipped products, namely finger cots. Since inception, we have a wide range of Finger Cots to cater for the different needs of the industries and also we constantly seek improvements and innovations to meet the challenging demands of the rapid growth of the Electronics, Mechatronics and Optotronics industries locally and abroad.

At the initial stage, MTR exports to Japan and also caters for the local market. We are looking towards other regions in Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe and other parts of the world in the near future. We are a foreign-owned (Japanese) Company whereby the Japanese business management concept and work ethic incorporated together with the local cultures, working in teamwork and sharing the similar objectives for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, the supporting staffs and all related parties. Through our consistent activities in Research and Development, new technology and methods are deployed to improve product quality, inventory and warehouse management to reinforce our standing as a leading and reliable manufacturer in this industry in the future.

The company is backed by a group of highly dedicated and long experience employees who worked as a successful team in long years. Our philosophy emphasizes on achieving total customer satisfaction and pledges ourselves to deliver quality services that exceed customers’ expectations. We strive on operational efficiency and prompt delivery. Our internal partnership with a strong foresighted management team and experienced sales team result in successful long-term business relationships with our dealers and customers and we are also committed to build up long-lasting and successful relationships with our business partners.